humans uniting, teaching, and advocating for nature



What is Hutan? Hutan is a non-profit organization created to help you live a healthier, more sustainable lifestyle. We are here to provide relevant information and an introspective look on health, so that you may make educated decisions for the well-being of all life. We aim to inspire individuals world wide to restore their personal health and the health of the planet.

Change is inevitable. Life ebbs and flows continually, as our human nature evokes us to search for a sense of balance. Sometimes we are caught off guard with life’s spontaneity and unpredictability. Other times, we contemplate and stand prepared. In spite of whatever comes our way, human beings are creatures of habit. No change, regardless of how inconsequential or how colossal, is ever easy.

Change is critical to ensuring good health. With the health issues facing both humankind and our environment, change is not only inevitable, it is necessary.

Hutan. For world health. Hutan has not been created to present a downtrodden perspective of humanity or the world, but rather, to find ways to improve the quality of all life. In order to realize how critically important our next steps have become, it is imperative to grasp a clear and integrated understanding of the issues facing the health of children, adults and the earth. Most of us can accept the fact that we influence the lives of those closest to us, yet, we have far less understanding of how our actions profoundly effect the innumerable lives we never directly touch.

Hutan has been created to educate and inform. We are here to advocate for healthy people and a healthy planet. A majority of our efforts include inspiring communities to shift toward more sustainable lifestyles, which encompass a variety of actions that cumulatively have enormous impact. In order to do this we need to change the societal norms by examining what is acceptable to us, and what is not, regardless of what our neighbors do. sand-ripplesWe all want to have strong minds and bodies in order to live full, healthy lives. Many of us will make the necessary changes to improve our personal well-being. We all want clean air to breathe and fresh water to drink… yet we are not nearly as willing to make changes to meet these needs. Without these two critical elements in balance, not a single one of us will have a healthy life. Once we come to grips with the reality of how our actions impact the world, will we then be motivated to modify our behaviors to meet these needs?

Some changes take place immediately. They are easy to incorporate. Some changes take place over a lifetime. They are more challenging. What matters most is that we recognize the need for change and commit to working toward a better quality of life, everyday, for all life.

Welcome to Hutan.